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Edmonton Folk Fest
Edmonton Folk Fest (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Edmonton Folk Fest is an annual all ages summer music festival. Come take advantage of the summer sun, sounds of indie, blues, Celtic, country and more. Yoga classes and workshops for the kids, beer tents and delicious food vendors have something for everyone.Beginning in 1980 with one staff and 300
2022  |  2020  |  2019  |  2018  |  2017
keywords:   accessible   alcohol   alternative   band   blues   booths   disability   folk   food   indie   marketplace   musician   singer   workshops
Punk Rock Bowling
Punk Rock Bowling (Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)
Punk Rock Bowling is not just a music festival but a bowling, pool party, poker event and more. The festival is all ages but there are 21+ club shows taking place as well. Words from the Festival ABOUT THE ORGANIZERS The Stern brothers have been
2019  |  2018
keywords:   accessible   alcohol   band   booths   disability   food   musician   punk   rock   singer
Calgary Folk Music Festival
Calgary Folk Music Festival (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Calgary Folk Music Festival takes place at multiple venues around Calgary, Alberta Canada. Always a hit around town, with local and out of town talent performing folk, indie, bluegrass and more. Words from the Festival Can you imagine what a bummer it would h
Presents Block Heater 2019  |  Presents Block Heater 2018  |  2024  |  2023  |  2022  |  2022  |  2020  |  2019  |  2018  |  2017
keywords:   DJ   alcohol   alternative   band   booths   folk   food   group   guitarist   indie   marketplace   musician   pianist   singer   solo
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