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About Us
COVID-19 / CoronaVirus Update

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events around the world are being cancelled or postponed. Please be sure to visit the official website of any event you are planning to attend to ensure that is has not been canceled.

You know that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on; the build up to that drop, those rap lyrics that hit the spot. You hear words you can relate to and feel the beat that consumes you, the "rock n roll" that empowers you, the country song that fills your heart with sweet memories. The escape from reality! It comes with a rush of excitement upon entering the gates to a festival, the feeling of "I want to stay in this experience forever. Then reality comes, the oh no its time to go home, I cannot wait for another encounter like this!

Our mission is to help you keep chasing that feeling and guide you to festivals and music events all over the world. With Music Festivals gaining popularity globally deciding which ones to go to can be a hard choice, not only let us help you with that, but help each other with this focused community site.

What we love is MUSIC, and we know Music can be life changing, whether you have been to many festivals, only a few or you are new to the scene. We have created MixinMeup to keep you in the MIX covering everything music, from all around the globe. Here you will find listings, add listings, reviews, news, forums, tickets, ride sharing and much more. Looking for a night out check out our club listings. Looking to meet new people, connect with old ones, to be inspired, then join the community. We all have those festival photos or those nights out that we would love to share but not so sure if we should. Share them here, we encourage weird.

MixinMeup has been created for you the extraordinary, the musician, the performer, the artist, the music lover, and the traveller. For the love of it all. Calling all weirdos, misfits, rebels, hipsters, hippies, dreamers and all you normal folk. Whoever you are, whoever you desire to be, join the party let's create the experience!

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