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Here Are Some Groove Cruise Cabo Sets To Get That Fist Pumping Again

Re: Here Are Some Groove Cruise Cabo Sets To Get That Fist Pumping Again

Here Are Some Groove Cruise Cabo Sets To Get That Fist Pumping Again

I know that I am not the only one who has been feeling the departure blues after leaving Groove Cruise Cabo. If only the music, people and dancing could be an everyday reality, unfortunately it is back to the grind for many of us. It may have been my first Groove Cruise, but it has left me wishing I was back on the boat with you all. Since we can not be there physically, I will leave you with these sets posted by our wonderful GC artists, so you may return there in spirit. Some of these jams have created major flash backs for me. They have helped me reintegrate into the real world and get my butt back to the gym. I may have eaten a few too many slices of pizza on board the ship and that pistachio ice cream, my god. If only the onlookers knew what was streaming through my headphones at the gym yesterday, they too would have joined my single person dance party.

There are still more sets your favorite artists may release. So keep your eyes peeled. Also, a reminder that the presale for Groove Cruise Cabo 2019 is happening now and there are only a few tickets left for Groove Cruise Miami sailing January 10th-14th.

John Beaver Live on GC Cabo

John Beaver one of the happiest people i have ever met, has shared with me the inspiration behind his set and also a touching story of one of his most powerful moments aboard this years cruise. He met a wonderful woman named Julie, who is battling cancer. Many of you may not know John battled cancer himself a couple years back, and he knows what she is going through all too well. Julie told him his set helped her feel the happiest she has felt in a long time and in those moments she forgot all of her problems.

"It's stories like that, which inspire and motivate me to stay on my path and continue to try my best to touch our world with my music and spirit." - John Beaver

That is the power of music and we are praying for you Julie. He cannot wait to see you and everyone on next years Groove Cruise.

This set features unreleased tracks and his brand new single with Thomas Radman called Let Me See .

Lizzie Curious released her outdoor set from Scotty Boys Deep House Brunch Stage. Lizzy Stated "The positive vibes were totally contagious, I truly played from the heart to the amazing GCFam who filled the outdoor deck with smiles :) You can definitely feel the love in this set!"

In case you missed it Lizzie Curious and Scotty Boy have released a reworked track of the 2000s dance hit Loneliness, you will know this jam unless you were hiding under a rock in the early 2000s. They have mixed it with deep tribal groove & drums and it will definitely put a smile on your face and have you hit repeat. You can find both her set and Loneliness below.

Loneliness Scotty Boy & Lizzie Curious

DJ Adam Scott Live from GC Cabo Dash Berlin tribute set

DJ Adam Scott played three sets, which he has uploaded all to his SoundCloud. One of his sets was a Dash Berlin tribute mix since he knew many were sad he could not make it. Adam stated "Unfortunately Jeff couldnt make it on Groove Cruise, so I decided to play this set with his blessing for all of the Dash Berlin fans onboard. The vibes were off the charts!!!"

Dean Mason had everyone dancing on the pool deck. He has shared his Groove Cruise Cabo recap. Dean posted on Facebook "Here's some dirty, sexy, funky beats for your weekend. Hope this takes you back! See you in Miami!"

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Dean Mason GC Cabo Recap

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Keith Christopher GC Cabo REDUX

Keith Christopher played Friday at the pool deck. He thanks all of his fans who were there for the show and is encouraging those Groove Cruise virgins to get onboard the ship next time.

"For those of you who attended and supported my set, first off, THANK YOU!! It was my biggest set on board and I hope you enjoyed it!! The "REDUX" is the remixed version since it wasn't recorded live. For those of you who didn't attend the sailing, here's a little something to cure that FOMO!!" Keith Christopher

Luccio posted to Facebook he is already getting pumped up for Miami and shared his trance set form the United We Groove Stage on Soundcloud. If you didn't catch him on GC Cabo this is your chance to see him on GC Miami January10th-14th.

Luccio GC Cabo United We Groove Stage

Kristina Sky & Cosmic Gate Groove Cruise Cabo 2018

Kristina Sky has released one of her three sets with the others on their way. The first is her Stardust Theater set featuring Cosmic Gate. Kristina posted "The vibe in the theater that night with Cosmic Gate was bananas! Big love to each beautiful soul who was a part of this unforgettable journey. It is a truly indescribable experience & such an honor to share it with you. Enjoy the flashback and I hope to sea you on GC Miami this Jan."

I had the chance to catch one of Kristina's outdoor sets and goosebumps she did deliver.I could not have thought of a better last day on the Groove Cruise Cabo, ocean breeze, sun and an amazing trance set left me happy and inspired.

Here Are Some Groove Cruise Cabo Sets To Get That Fist Pumping Again

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