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Editing Performers

Editing Performers

If there is something which needs to be updated on a performer's profile you must go to the About page on the performer's profile and contact the people in the Moderation section. If that fails you may send us the information via our Contact page:https://www.mixinmeup.com/info/contact/

If you are the performer, or an agent acting on their behalf, you may also go to About page for the performer and Claim the profile. This will allow you to edit the entry as you wish in the future.

About Mixinmeup's Moderation and Claiming Profiles

Mixinmeup is a true community where any member may add information to the site. This means that a lot of times fans will have already added performers, festivals, clubs orother information. These listings can later be claimed by officials with the bands, festivals, etc.

Moderation is done via a core group of volunteers who will always be able to edit or modify any information added to the site.

The member who adds information (for example a performer) will be able to edit that information in the future. If the listing is claimed by someone, that someone will have the ability to remove the original author from the list of valid editors and add other members as editors as they see fit.

An algorithmis used to determine if the new, edited version of the listing is immediately put live on the site, or if any changes must be manually approved by the moderation staff before going live.

If you have permissions to edit a page, an edit option appears in the drop down menu for that page.

Editing Performers


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