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Creating Your Account On Mixinmeup

Creating Your Account on Mixinmeup

Let me first congratulate you, by asking this question you have decided to become a member of quite possibly the greatest website on the entire website...... ok.... well.... maybe not, but at least we aren't the worst!

On the top right corner of all pages you will see a red profile icon (when you are logged in this will turn to white). Click the red icon and you will be taken to the login / signup screen.

On that screen there is a signup form. All we require is:

  1. Your email address (to confirm your account),
  2. A desired user name, and
  3. A password to protect your account on this site.

Please be sure to select a unique password that you do not use on any other website. This is for your own protection, you should always use unique passwords everywhere.

If your information is accepted, we will email you a confirmation email. Follow the directions in the email to activate your account.

Creating Your Account on Mixinmeup

Published: last edited on Dec 13, 2017

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