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Adding Performers

Adding Performers

So you want to add a performer / band or other such entity to the website? Great, this document explains how to do just that!

First thing to note is that MixinMEup is a true community site, created by, moderated by, and maintained my our members. Everyone on this site is first and foremost a member of the community. This means that we do not distinguish between a fan, a musician, a festival, a club, a DJ, a service provider or anything else.

That being said, you never need to actually become a member to enjoy the website, but by becoming a member you can share photos, videos, music and more with other members. You will also be able to take part in our ride sharing programs and our ticket center along with many other features of the site.

To add a performer:

  1. Become a member of the site / log into your account
  2. Go to the performers center at https://www.mixinmeup.com/performers/
  3. Click the Add Performer button
  4. Enter as much information about the Performer / Band that you can, you can always edit it or add more info later, but adding as much as you can now is helpful
  5. Click the save performer profile button

    At this point we now have the performer information, and it is likely live on the site. However, as you will see the profile is empty, so let's add some photos!

  6. Click the Albums link
  7. Click Create New Album
  8. Come up with a name for your album and click create album

    At this point we now have a photo album created, so now we need to add some photos

  9. You can add photos, videos, text or web links. Click +Photo to add photos
  10. Use the form which appears to select and upload the photos, you can select multiple photos to upload at the same time
    Please note that photos must be less than 5 MB each, and a maximum 100 MB can be uploaded at one time

    We suggest uploading 4 photos at this time:
    a) a profile image (suggested 400x400 px or larger)
    b) a banner image (suggested 1000x400px or larger)
    c) a logo (optional)
    d) a promo picture (optional)

  11. Upload the photos by clicking the post button
  12. View the individual pictures, you will notice in the comment box several links which allow you set individual images as the profile pic, banner, logo and promo
  13. Use the above mentioned links to set a profile picture and a banner, if you also uploaded a promo and logo, set those as well

Congrats! You have just added the greatest live performer to the greatest online community of music lovers!

Adding Performers

Published: last edited on Dec 13, 2017

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