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Shambhala's Most Exciting Looks Of 2018

Re: Shambhala's Most Exciting Looks of 2018

Shambhala's Most Creative Looks of 2018

If you felt as though you were seeing a little extra sparkle this year at Shambhala, it was not just in your imagination. Glitter, sequins and jeweled hats dazzled the farm more than ever this year. That may have come with a couple of new vendors offering hair services, makeup and bedazzling, making it much easier for some to keep their hair and makeup held up in the dusty and smoky atmosphere. With Friday reaching 43 degrees I give props to those willing to get their glitter on.

Glitter is now quickly recognized as an environmental hazard, so it was nice to see all vendors selling or applying the eco-friendly, non-toxic stuff. Still, Shambhala and vendors reminded glittered up gems not to enter the river while wearing it. Including signs letting attendees know that glitter and poo are not welcome in the river.

Daft Punk meets Ninja Turtle?
Daft Punk meets Ninja Turtle? Aren Hibbing & Brendon Hibbing

I am always amazed by the creativity of the outfits, costumes and totems at Shambhala and this year I was paying extra close attention. Creatives in their glory were rocking whatever they wanted or perhaps as little as they wanted. Forgetting that 9 to 5 and their boring mandatory uniforms, this was their chance to shine (literally) be comfortable in their skin or disguise themselves as anything or anybody they wanted to be. Shambhala creatives I could not get enough of you, the things I witnessed kept me watching and giggling all weekend.

"How did they think of that?" I asked friends repeatedly, "what does that mean it doesn't make any sense?" someone replied, "nothing makes sense here that's why it's so amazing." Thank you all for the laughs, the inspiration and powerful energy that comes from thousands of people escaping reality and just being themselves. Some people do not understand this, and what I just learned, that is the beauty of it.

Here are some of our favorite outfits from Shambahala 2018 there were many more. Thank you to everyone who shared your creativity with us all at the farm. Can not wait to see what you pull out of the tickle trunk next year.

Lego Man
Lego Man Lego Man of Lego Land

Jungle Love
Jungle Love IG xodanimarie

Mom Im Fine
Mom Im Fine IG jshinnanbyram

Pink Fuzzy Fun
Pink Fuzzy Fun IG karissacolsen91

Banana Boats
Banana Boats IG sharky.the.van

California Raisins
California Raisins IG jennarrose

Funky Pair
Funky Pair IG maxx.aaron & itsashnicholson

Golden Basket
Golden Basket IG duckduckgosse1

Its a Sponge Bob thing
Its a Sponge Bob thing IG edcpatrick

Sweet treats
Sweet treats IG aura_and_alchemy

Alternate Universe
Alternate Universe IG phozee & speedravergo

The giraffes
The giraffes From Camp Stranger Danger Ando San found these fantastic vintage 70's costumes at a thrift store.

Under the sea
Under the sea IG billy6362

IG Jaylittlefoot
IG Jaylittlefoot Kevin McCallister:" No offense, aren't you too old to be afraid?"

An umbrella sort of day
An umbrella sort of day IG desireedesousa

The beautiful potted head
The beautiful potted head IG karissapukas

Sparkly Lights
Sparkly Lights IG 50shades_of_rave

Cranky Baby
Cranky Baby FB Ru Colminas IG babybassface

Shambhala's Most Exciting Looks of 2018


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