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Aemcon: Sharing More Than Just Beats

Re: AEMCON: Sharing More Than Just Beats

AEMCON: Sharing More Than Just Beats

Photo by Braiden Schmidt
Photo by Braiden Schmidt AEMCON 2018 ATB Gallery

Photo By:Joffrey Middleton-Hope @joffreyphoto
Photo By:Joffrey Middleton-Hope @joffreyphoto

We've all heard the quote "Knowledge is power", and while attending the Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON), I was reminded of how this holds true in music, digital media and an artists career. Sure, some of us will easily stumble into great beginnings and take off on a crazy flight of awesomeness without lifting a finger, but lets be honest. You've got to put the work in, you've got to put your best foot forward, and you've got to learn a few things along the way.

Help isn't always easy to come by, and it was the feeling of sincere guidance from AEMCON's instructors and their willingness to share knowledge and their life experience that intrigued me most after I strolled out of Studio Bell last Saturday. Although I wasn't able to attend the full plethora of amazing seminars, there was something to be learned for everyone participating.

Standouts for me were Vancouver Vespers YouTube tips for success, which could help anyone who is looking to build a better brand and online presence. As well, Edmonton's Jake Robert's Vocal Recording and Processing Crash Course, where I learned a lot in such a short time and instruction that would typically cost a pretty penny and possibly be out of reach for some of us.

Looking around the rooms, I saw such a diverse crowd taking it all in. There were no signs of nonacceptance. It was just music lovers smiling and enjoying the chance to learn something new and genuine teachers who love what they do, looking to help for the future. Ill jam to that any day!

Check out some the photos provided by AEMCON 2018 below

Photo by: Joffrey Middleton-Hope @joffreyphoto
Photo by: Joffrey Middleton-Hope @joffreyphoto Smalltown DJs

Photo by: BraidenSchmidt @braidenks
Photo by: BraidenSchmidt @braidenks

Photo by: Concertsocks @concertsocks
Photo by: Concertsocks @concertsocks

Photo by:BryanDellosa @beedee
Photo by:BryanDellosa @beedee Founders Isis Graham & Andrew Williams

photo by MixinMeup
photo by MixinMeup From Rave Bans To Collaboration

Photo by Max Foley @maxhfoley
Photo by Max Foley @maxhfoley Malcolm Cecil & A Tribe Called Red

AEMCON: Sharing More Than Just Beats


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